Woman's Journey to the Goddess Within

A Weekend Workshop with Vered Neta

  • Are you constantly trying to win the award for "best" wife, mother, lover, career woman, homemaker, daughter, and friend?
  • Do you feel the pressure of having to "act and think like a man" in order to be successful in today's business world?
  • Do you wish that you could relax more and simply toss away the roles you play day in and day out?

If your answer is YES to any of those questions, Feminine Power is a weekend for you.

Feminine Power is a practical, down-to-earth workshop that will help you to reconnect to your female energy and power, through understanding, integrating and healing the major splits in your consciousness as a woman.

This workshop teaches you how to harmonize between the different roles that you have, as a woman, in our modern western society. It teaches you the reasons for the split and gives you the opportunity to heal that split inside of you.

You will discover and live your passion, joy and laughter in this Feminine Power weekend.

During the workshop you:

  • learn the different roles we play as women in modern society
  • explore the different archetypes we use
  • find and acknowledge the dominant archetype in your life and its influence on your attitudes, behaviour and results
  • explore how to develop and apply other archetypes in your professional and personal life
  • learn to harmonize and balance the different archetypes within you in order to achieve completion and healing

This weekend will be guided by Vered Neta who is the workshop creator and leader.
Since 1991 she has been giving trainings and workshops to over 40,000 people. She specializes in management development, change and transformation, communication, relationships, male and female energies in the workplace and female power.

Vered Neta: "after 20 years of working with people, I combine my experience as a trainer, coach, partner and a mother. The Feminine Power series of workshops was created as a result of my own journey of realizing and connecting to my personal power. This journey of discovery has allowed me to relax with my own feminine power and let go of my struggle; in a society where being a woman is about being either a 'superwoman' or a 'supermodel'."

Dates, Location and Cost

Dates: October 14-15, 2006
Location: Erin, ON
Cost: $ 525 (includes food and beverage)

More Information

Contact Tammy Karaim (1-519-833-2144) or visit www.feminine-power.com